Professional Associations and Endorsements

Associations and Registrations Endorsements can be a useful tool to see if the company you are going to hire for your Rigging and Hauling needs have the qualifications to be compliant and to get the job done correctly. The Izzi Group meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients.   

Here are just some of our more notable certificates and affiliations:

  • SmartWay – The EPA SmartWay program helps companies such as your own advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking, and freight transportation efficiency.
  • New Jersey Motor Truck Association – Think of NJMTA as the voice of New Jersey’s trucking industry before legislatures, government agencies, as well as the public and the media.
  • ATA – For those not familiar with them, ATA has been the leading advocate for the trucking industry for years. ATA is committed to developing and supporting innovative policies that promote a combination of highway safety, security, environmental sustainability, and profitability.
  • SC&RA – This is an international trade association that includes more than 1,300 members who are involved in specialized transportation, machinery moving and erecting, millwrighting, and crane and rigging operations.
  • BROWZ – This organization ensures supply chains are not only safe but also qualified and socially responsible. BROWNZ delivers comprehensive solutions to prequalify, asses, and monitor compliance based on your project’s specific needs.
  • NCCCO – For more than 20 years, NCCCO has been developing effective performance standards for safe crane operation to assist all segments of general construction.
  • ISO 9001 – This demonstrates to customers that they can offer products and services of consistently good quality. ISO 9001 also acts as a tool to streamline their processes and make them more efficient at what they do.
  • ISN – This organization is the global leader in both contractor and supplier management. ISN regularly supports more than 500 hiring clients in capital-intensive industries to help manage more than 65,000 contractors and suppliers with operations in nearly 100 countries.
  • Avetta – Izzi Trucking and Rigging is proud to be affiliated with Avetta. This organization provides SaaS-based solutions for supply chain risk management that assist with the pre qualification of contractors and suppliers.