Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Heavy Haul Trucking Company

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There’s only so much a flatbed trailer can do. At times, it just can’t get the job done as a result of the shipment being too tall, wide, or heavy. This is where heavy haul trucking comes into play. When shipments are over-dimensional and yet must be delivered overnight, special routing is usually required. For those who don’t know, heavy haul trucking requires certain trucks that can carry the size of what you’re shipping. So why exactly should you hire this kind of specialized truck company? Let’s first dive more into what heavy haul transportation entails.

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Let’s say that your business needs to transport large pieces of industrial equipment, oil rig parts, or components for major construction projects. If that’s the case, then heavy haul trucking is involved. The truck tractor is this situation is one with an attached trailer that has an overweight or over-dimensional object on it that exceeds the ordinary permit limits. Be aware that both the size and the weight of a superload are state-regulated. An oversize load, which includes the tractor and trailer, may exceed the standard legal dimensions of 13 feet, 6 inches in height and 8 feet, 6 inches in width. Additionally, the load cannot be reduced to legal dimensions. If you’re considering an overweight load, it must be comprised of a single unit to be shipped that exceeds the total legal gross weight of 80,000 pounds.   

Then there’s the equipment. Keep in mind that heavy haul transportation isn’t exactly the typical 18-wheeler. Without question, your business requires a carrier that has the specialized equipment and the knowledge to safely load, transport, and unload units of a given size. While a standard tractor trailer may have six axles, your project could require a setup with nine axles. It all just depends on the situation. Other pieces of equipment could include everything from double drops and extendable trailers to removable goosenecks and stretch trailers.  

Reasons to Hire a Heavy Haul Trucking Company

  1. Appropriate trucks and trailers - It’s not as though companies offer one truck or trailer for every heavy hauling request. Stephen Izzi Trucking and Rigging Inc. is proud to have the latest model equipment to serve every transportation need. As an ISO 9001-2015 certified trucking company, we offer a wide variety of trailers and services to accommodate customers and get the job done right. Relax knowing that we will never take a “one-size-fits-all” approach. On top of that, each of our trucks is equipped with satellite tracking systems. With Stephen Izzi Trucking, you never have to worry about the quality of our trucks and trailers.

  2. Less risk of damage - Let’s say that you need to move a particular load on a one-off or a short-term basis. More specifically, though, the load includes prefabricated sections for construction projects. The reality is your company can’t afford for any supplies to be damaged en route. With heavy hauling from Stephen Izzi Trucking and Rigging, there’s no need to worry about your freight getting damaged. Our team takes precautionary measures to ensure that high-dollar freight is secured and safe from the time of pickup all the way through drop-off.

  3. Better pricing - There are plenty of trucking companies out there that gouge customers with pricing. Depending on the size of your business, you may have an extremely limited budget. Rest assured that heavy haul trucking services calculate the price of moving freight on a per-mile basis as opposed to using a per-pound pricing structure. This can lead to major savings for you and your business. At Stephen Izzi Trucking and Rigging, we will work within your budget and determine a plan the makes the most sense for your needs.


Now that you know why you should hire a heavy haul trucking company, it’s time to find the most sensible one for your business. Many people make the mistake of thinking such companies provide the same services at the same quality. This just isn’t the case, though. Keep reading for tips as you work toward making a decision.