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A Family-Owned Company with Over 40 Years of Experience and Safety Achievement Awards 

For over four decades, The Veteran owned Izzi Group Companies have placed our belief in high-quality service with competitively priced heavy haul and rigging solutions. The result to our customers is an efficient and cost-effective project completed within budgetary and time frame constraints. We offer our customers an unbeatable combination of first class heavy haul trucks, state-of-the-art rigging and warehouse equipment. With a professional team of truckers, logistics, supervisors, riggers and office team members we are dedicated to providing an all-around professional service that is second to none. 

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The Izzi Group - Heavy Haul and Rigging Specialits 


We Strive to be the Best Oversized Hauling Trucking & Rigging Company

At The Izzi Group we are fortunate to have some of the most qualified rigging and trucking specialists available, with some over 25 years working for us. Please feel free to contact us for information on how we can help you with your next rigging or transportation request.

We will provide a quick response on your heavy haul quote, transportation estimate or trucking rate. Izzi Trucking & Rigging professionals will include the best options for your transportation of equipment, factory rigging, or turnkey relocation services… or anything else that requires special handling. We offer the best service and equipment for those difficult to handle items.

Izzi Trucking & Rigging  recently completed an extremely time sensitive hauling and rigging project for a new store in the center of in Times Square, NYC. Working around thousands of people, safety naturally was our top priority. This project took special coordination and specialized equipment to successfully work around this busy environment. The Izzi Group will provide the expertise needed for your job too, contact us to find out more information.

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We provide the experience and expertise you need in all aspects of heavy haul trucking, rigging/machine relocation, specialized jobsite delivery, crating/exporting and industrial storage and warehousing. Our estimators will work with you to customize your quote to ensure the best pricing to get your job done correctly and safely.  Our family-run company prides itself on creative problem solving, maintaining the best equipment, and combining the expertise of our team at The Izzi Group.


Our trucking fleet has some of the best truckers, with the most up-to-date equipment, and safety procedures.

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Generator Heavy Haul Equipment transportation from New York to a construction site in New Jersey.  The Generator will be rigged and craned into its final location. Izzi Rigging will coordinate all the details of your next oversized loads and transportation.